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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm feeling supa tired now, having tution in afew minutes time. Zzzzzz.
i hope time will just stop here and everything would remain the same.
but i know it's IMPOSSIBLE
becas many people will suffer too.
my eyes would be shutting down anytime, heavy eyelids, picky mouth.
finally my dearest mommy is gonna bring me to facial on sunday, i've waited for so long can.
my poor face, it's time to get some healthy products. lol.
i am considering whether to attend one of my relative's baby's full month, cas not really know her.
and would be quite odd going there, as there's nothing to do and it'll make me really bored.
i guess i will be sleeping later again, due to massive headache i've now. ):
raining, raining, and you just won't stop.

Sunday, October 5, 2008



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm so free that I feel like posting here.
:) yes, school's up now.
Friends are coming towards me that I could feel love.
Hahaha! :D
I've update abit of my dog blog, please please support!
http://moreaboutyourdogs.blogspot.com :D
I really thanked you alot alot alot.
If you do support me k. My tag is so less.
Maybe it's really too boring, alright.
Nevermind. :)
Please really relink my new blog k. <3!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everyone, relink me again.
Sorry. :)

Hello. I've changed my blogskin into a simple one.
Guess it really had to be rewind already, I feel like deleting my past.
It's really kinda fustrated to see those history, aww.
won't be putting up tagboard, sorry. I've got no time to care anymore.
Well, anything just email me or something k. I was really pissed off just now.
Because my mom, the way she talk somehow was like not happy?
Okay, forget it then.
My gums are hurting so much, being irritated by my tongue.
Not much songs caught my ears recently, so my emotions are real down.
My mind seems to be in critical condition, feels like gonna explode anytime.
Seriously, I shouldn't think that much anymore. I'm linking people soon.
Don't worry k. Had been thinking, I've not gotten a boyfriend for so long.
Wow, it's really amazing right. Hahaha! :) Renee's feeling proud now.
Gott'cha, sweets.


It's me ok. :)



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